Terms and Conditions

The appointment of Kingmoor Consulting Ltd on your project is conducted under the following terms and conditions of appointment.

  1. The conditions of appointment are the NEC3 Professional Services Short Contract and any associated revisions and amendments published by the NEC.
  2. Appointment is conducted in accordance with these conditions and the offer of services made to you as the Client.
  3. Kingmoor Consulting Ltd carries appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance for the work and this is linked below.
  4. The offer of services may comprise of a letter, report or email to you detailing as a minimum the services to be performed, the cost of these services, and the programme for their delivery. It may also detail other options for work to be performed, such as an hourly rate for additional work.
  5. For domestic work, clients are expected to undertake any work in accordance with the CDM Regulations 2015 which cover all construction work to be undertaken. Kingmoor Consulting Ltd may highlight any specific issues in relation to Health and Safety or the CDM Regulations, performing their duties as Designer, however the overall responsibility for compliance rests with the Client. For more information on the duties of a Domestic Client, please see the HSE Website.
  6. For non domestic work, all issues relating to the CDM Regulations apply and a suitable Principal Designer shall be appointed for the works. For more information in relation to the CDM Regulations, please see the HSE Website.


NEC3 Professional Services Contract

Professional Indemnity Insurance