Date Started

March 2017

Date completed


Client name

Lattimer Homes

Client type

Builder / Developer


Brief synopsis

  • Residential new build of 2 former barns on the Greensyke development.
  • Structural design of modifications to barns, including new roof structure to achieve additional living space.
  • Conversion into two separate residential 4 bedroom dwellings.
  • Work included reviews of existing structure and foundations, design of structural masonry, steelwork and timber to both new first floor and roof structure, including value engineering with Lattimers, Architect and Suppliers.

Budget allocated to Kingmoor


Key challenges

Complex roof arrangements to allow usable space without impacting on headroom.

Solutions developed

Combination of structural steelwork, prefabricated trusses and loose timbers allowed a cost effective solution to be achieved.

Total project cost