Its really important to provide a good quality of service to our customers and we regularly speak with repeat clients who we ask for feedback on our work, fees and quality of service.  However 50% of our clients are domestic homeowners and we decided to run a customer satisfaction survey for clients up to the middle of 2016.  We got some great feedback and we did offer an incentive to our clients, a £25 amazon voucher, more on this later.

As discussed, around 50% of our work comes to us via word of mouth and internet searches and is associated withe domestic marketplace.  The remaining projects we undertake are for Builders, Contractors and Architects in the local area, most of which is repeat work and is a mixture of industrial, commercial and predominately domestic work.

So the results of the survey, we sent out 68 links to the survey and got the following responses.  Overall we felt we have done good and we continue to welcome customer feedback to ensure our future surveys match this one.

Q2 Q4 Q6

We also got some amazing feedback and this included :

Absolutely fantastic service. I cannot recommend Kingmoor Consulting enough. Efficient, professional and reasonably priced. I will definitely use their services again.

Really helpful and professional service.

Colin was very helpful, friendly and quick to respond. Price was fair and I will be using him again.


Now onto the £25  Amazon Voucher, after an independent draw (my 9 year old selecting a number from the survey), We can announce that Simon Towns of Warwick Road has won the £25 voucher.