We recently joined Carlisle Ambassadors in Carlisle, a programme we had participated in for a number of years in the past with our previous business.

The purpose of the Ambassadors for us, is to promote Carlisle, and the wider Cumbrian Economy, to create a better place to work, life and play in for our current population and the future generations. For us, its also about leaving the place in a better condition for the future.

So during the November meeting, there was a call to action, ideas formulated around tables, things discussed and presentations made.  One of the key things was from Paul Rheinbach, a series of pledges that his business, More Handles, were making in 2017 to the people of Carlisle.  Paul and the team at Carlisle Ambassadors asked for other pledges of support, and commitments from companies and individuals.

So after a few ideas, thoughts and discussions, we came up with the pledges we are going to make in 2017. Some of these are easy for us to implement, some harder and require thoughts, planning and effort. Some will need the collaboration of others to help us and commit their time or money too.

The Pledges we are going to make in 2017 are :

  • Commit 5 full days of support to the Carlisle Ambassadors to assist in any Ambassador lead project during 2017 which requires the skills, experiences and knowledge which I have.
  • Play an active role in other projects which excite, stimulate or continue to reinforce the community  within the city at no cost.
  • Implement the Kingmoor Building Scholarship award for Cumbrian Students studying Architecture or Civil / Structural Engineering.
  • Commit to raising money for Great North Air Ambulance in 2017 as the chosen charity for the business.

We hope that this kickstarts other to make commitments, however large and small and 2017 is going to be exciting for all involved.