Over the years we have supported a number of projects in the energy sector with the assessment of ground risk and geological issues.

These can be simple desk based assessments to more detailed ground investigations and walkovers.  They may also involve a more detailed assessment from specialist firms, for example two moorland sites in Scotland we were involved with where used during the Second World War as bombing practice areas for the Allied Forces, resulting in munitions being found across the entire sites.














More recently we have supported a number of projects required to undertake mine stablisation and grouting works beneath structures.

Our involvement included the design and supervision of investigative works, geotechnical testing and the reporting of the findings.


Drilling Rig At t2 3










Geotechnical risks can come in all forms and is not restricted to large infrastructure projects.  Even simple house extensions and new structures can have significant risks and when mine workings are encountered then it is critical that risks are identified at an early stage to ensure that mitigation can be made to project.