We are being asked to undertake a wide range of building inspections and surveys across Cumbria and Southern Scotland, and the requests range from minor defects to full surveys.  However there seems to be confusion regarding the types of surveys being required and the requirements for mortgage lenders or property owners.

In general terms, there are various types of survey associated with a domestic property, and these are conducted by various specialists or engineers.  Typically a Chartered Surveyor can undertake a range of surveys associated with domestic property transactions and a Structural Engineer will undertake a specific defect survey on a property or check the structure of the property for defects.

Chartered Surveyors are accredited thro professional standards and governed by RICS, typical surveys they undertake are :

  • Condition ReportIMG_3334
  • Home buyers Survey
  • Building Survey

A useful and comprehensive guide is available at their website which clarifies the content of the various reports and surveys. Kingmoor Consulting are NOT Chartered Surveyors, nor do we undertake these surveys.  We have a network of preferred Surveyors we would use for such surveys.  There has been confusion in the past when a Building Survey has been referred to as a Structural Survey, which is far more detailed than that undertaken by a Structural Engineer.

Structural Engineers will generally undertake defect reports associated with specific issues with a property.  These may be :

  • Cracks or movement in walls
  • Deflection or deformation of roofs or floors
  • Subsidence issues

It is normal that a site inspection to review such defects will take between 1 and 2 hours on site, and normally would not involve any destructive or intrusive investigations unless these are required to be undertaken to provide sufficient information or knowledge to conclude the issue.

A report, either as a letter or more detailed report will be provided to the Client which should address the issues for which the structural inspection has been undertaken.  It may also present remedial actions, costs or further investigations which are required rectify the structural issue.

Kingmoor Consulting provide Structural Inspections and Defect Surveys, for large and small properties.

We are seeing an increase in inspections and reports within Scotland following the introduction of the Scottish Building Standards where work has been conducted on homes without the requisite building notice to the local authority and inspection is required by mortgage lenders. We can undertake this work and are presently seeking approval via the SER Registration process.

A really good youtube link associated with the types of survey is on the NBS channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xU9t3lcLIdE