Gas-Retort-House-Inside-4Over the last 25 years we have been involved in the preservation and restoration of many historic buildings across Cumbria and the Midlands including supervising industrial archaeology surveys.  This includes old factories, shops and buildings which have undergone transformation or alterations over the years.

One such project was preservation of a property in Gas Street, Birmingham.  The site of one of the first gas producing plants for street lighting, we assisted the owner of the property complete a full ground investigation and archaeological survey of the site prior to its redevelopment.  At the time, in the late 1990’s a large number of historic properties in the area were being redeveloped and absorbed into office blocks, restaurants and hotel accommodation.

The property had been used in the 1980’s and 90’s as a stone mason’s yard just off Broad Street in Birmingham and had little maintenance conducted on it.  At the time, we were undertaking ground investigation works comprising of hand dug trial trenches to record the exposed industrial archaeology and the underlying ground conditions.

We recently came across the report produced by Birmingham University Archaeology Unit following the completion of their survey work as well as photographs from vendors selling the site.  It appears that the site remains unchanged from our original involvement with the project, with the stonemason’s off cuts removed and the floors reinstated from our trenches and investigations done in 1998.