About Kingmoor Consulting

Company History

Kingmoor Consulting Ltd was established in 2007. Since then we have worked with clients large and small, architects, builders and home owners on new build projects and renovations.

Our home base is in Cumbria, but our expertise has no boundaries. We have worked with a range of domestic and commercial clients throughout the UK providing them with practical advice and design solutions.

Why Kingmoor? It’s the name of the ancient woodland to the north of Carlisle.  Once it was home to a horse racing course, now there’s two nature reserves. The woodland forms a boundary line between the Lowry Hill residential development and the fields to the west. Kingmoor Park enterprise zone is named after this woodland and there is a site of a former manse, Kingmoor House, alongside the Carlisle Northern Bypass. We live next to the woodland on the Lowry Hill estate and our office overlooks the woodland canopy, which changes day to day.


Key staff

Colin Aimers – Director and Principal Consultant – Chartered Civil and Environmental Engineer, formed Kingmoor Consulting to provide a local practical service to Cumbria and Southern Scotland.  Having spent the previous 16 years in the renewable energy sector, Colin formed Kingmoor Consulting to use his practical skills and experience to best service projects and clients needs.

Steven Lowes – Project Technician – Steven joined Colin at Kingmoor Consulting in 2016 to assist with the production of drawings and specifications for projects. With a background in graphics design, Steven is responsible for the translation of the design into practical easy to read drawings for all Clients, Architects and Builders.

Ed Rigby – Graduate Structural Engineer – Ed knows precast concrete.  For the past 3 years he as worked with one of Cumbria’s largest precast manufacturers before joining Kingmoor Consulting to extend his knowledge and support a variety of structural projects being undertaken.

Matt Stewart – Project Technician – Matt is part time for Kingmoor Consulting, providing specialist support in the design of Highways, Earthworks and Infrastructure design.  Matt has worked extensively in the Renewable Energy sector with Colin designing complex wind farm infrastructure, and more recently supports clients on projects across Cumbria.

Emma Aimers – Office Manager – Formerly a teacher, Emma ensures that it all runs smoothly and keeps us all in check.

How Kingmoor work

We believe that working collaboratively, we can achieve more.

And we believe that nothing is impossible: it just needs the right mix of imagination and technical know-how to accomplish it.

So we work with our clients, listening closely to their requirements and offering appropriate solutions.

We respond as quickly as possible. Our workload is only programmed a few days ahead of time, so we can always find time to listen and respond to you.

As civil and structural consulting engineers, we value our work with architects, builders and homeowners. We build trusting relationships with those we work with, and to increase our network of industry contacts.

And what if you work in the construction industry and collaborative working is equally important to you? We would like to hear from you. We can offer the following benefits to our industry colleagues:

  • Our clients choose us because we respond quickly to their requests. This will help you to deliver projects on time and budget with no hidden issues.
  • We provide practical and creative technical solutions; we’re here to understand the issues and fix them when they arise.
  • Our engineers have a can-do attitude: nothing is impossible when the right mix of imagination and technical know now is applied.

Key sectors we work in


We provide a range of support to residential property work, from the design of new properties to modifications to existing properties. We have extensive experience in historic properties as well as contemporary designs across the UK. We design with the client’s budget and requirements in mind at all time.


We deliver structural design services for a range of commercial clients. This includes the design of new buildings, refurbishment and fit-out projects. We also have a vast range of industrial design experience in the areas of HV substations, equipment plinths, designing in concrete, steel and masonry construction.


Cumbria is full of older buildings and with a love of past craftsmanship, we have been involved in a number of historic property renovations and adaptions.  Using experience, research and a traditional understanding of construction, we have rescued some amazing older properties damaged by water or poor previous construction.


Over the past 20 years, we have had significant experience in working in the hotel and leisure industry across Cumbria, Midlands and London. From 9th floor pools and spas to renovations and new builds, we have experience in design and construction within this sector.